It’s 2015 and Gobble Gobble Give is back!

It’s the fall of 2015 and time to band together and feed some folks!

This year we are excited to include The Regent in the Los Angeles GGG event (in addition to our home, The Echo, in Echo Park, and The Raven Spa in Santa Monica).

In addition to some GGG veteran cities we have some new cities that will be listed shortly. We’re very excited about GGG expanding to help more people through the holiday season.

For newcomers here’s what you need to know: Every year we help feed and clothe the homeless. We’re a giant potluck party, and if you’re reading this you’re invited!

Come to one of our GGG events across the nation on Thanksgiving Day and bring a favorite dish of your choice, and/or some cold-weather clothing, and everything will be doled out, packaged up, and delivered directly to our homeless brothers and sisters.

You can come and work ‘the line’, preparing food and clothing/care kits, deliver the meals, help with the event organization, donate to GGG (a 501c3 nonprofit), or participate in any way you can! Gobble Gobble Give is an inclusive event and all are welcome!

Stay tuned to this website for more information!


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