Santa Ana

Well Orange County:  You asked for it and you got it.  The Gypsy Den steps up to help out with its first Gobble Gobble ever 2014 !!!

Come on down at 10am sharp, and if there’s a line take advantage of it and make a new friend. 😉

Bringing a dish (that would be potluck-appropriate) is your ticket! Weather-appropriate clothing and care items for the homeless are also very welcome! Please see the “Volunteer” link in the menu above for more specifics.

NOTE: Please do not contact locations directly! Use the location’s specific Gobble Gobble Give Facebook page or this website to reach out to respective site managers. Thank you!


One thought on “Santa Ana

  1. Hi Catherine,

    Just show up at 10am to your preferred GGG event location, preferably with some food/clothing/care kits of your choosing (for food try to think of it like a potluck party; the food will get re-packaged into individual meals. For clothes remember the cool/cold weather at night). Thanks!

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