Gobble Gobble Give is looking for volunteers on every level. Those who can give food, clothing, or toiletries and those who can donate their time on Thanksgiving day warming, packaging and delivering food. If you will be arriving to help us, please RSVP at one of the links below and plan on showing up at 10am at one of the  designated venues for this year.. We look forward to seeing you!
RSVP for Los Angeles – Echo Park
RSVP for Los Angeles – Santa Monica
RSVP for New York, NY
RSVP for Las Vegas, NV
RSVP for Austin, TX

Here’s how it works:

Everyone is asked to bring the following:
1. A DISH. “ALREADY HEATED” This is a potluck event. It can be as little as a side of vegetables or it can be three large bowls of your grandma’s famous “cranberry walnut stuffing”. We can always use Turkeys and main course items. Side dishes are great as well. Veggies, Veggies, Veggies. Mashed potatoes, yams, vegetables, greens, etc. Of course desserts are always awesome.

2. FIVE (5) SMALL TOILETRY KITS. that include a: toothbrush/toothpaste, soap and shampoo. You can get these items very inexpensively at $0.99 stores.

3. CLOTHING AND BLANKETS. Please bring any used blankets and/or gently used sweaters, jackets, shirts, socks, shoes, beanies/hats for men, women, children.

At 10:15 we begin a large “conveyor Belt” of food and with the help of everyone we put the meals together. We box them up together with care packages of tooth brushes, soap, clothes, etc..

At around 11: 00 a.m. the first vehicles begin to roll out. For those of you who have a car and want to drive you will be known as drivers. We will put a few people in your car with you and you will go out in two or three car teams. We hit the riverbeds, the alleys, the freeway overpasses. sometimes we discover small villages of people in dirt fields and empty lots. The vehicles return after delivering all the meals. We are always done by 1:00 p.m..

Here are definitions of the positions:

Early Birds … The day officially starts at 10:00 a.m. but there is a few of us who need to get there early to set things up, warm up the ovens, put tables up, etc… We are there as early as 7:30 a.m. If you are available and want to join us you are welcome.

Kitchen Crew … for heating and warming and carving and slicing. There is always work to do in the kitchen. It’s one of the messier jobs so we all roll up our sleeves. We have aprons and gloves. This is the nucleus of the event.

Conveyor Belt Crew … this is where it all goes down. There are about 100 people on both sides of a very long table putting food into “take out” containers. Napkins, plastic ware, etc. It’s kind of like working in the Army slop line I figure (but not as serious) and the food is a whole lot better.

Boxers … these are the people that handle the meals after they get off the conveyor belt. They put the meals with all the extras like clothes, waters, cleaning supplies and toothbrushes. This is the last stop before the meals go out.

Vehicle Coordinators … we need a few people to stand outside and direct the vehicles as they pull in to fill up with the goods. Kind of like being a traffic cop but a lot cooler.

Drivers … These are people that want to drive. We will fill your car with meals and other volunteers. You will go out in two or three car teams. We will coordinate an area with you that we think will be most effective. If you have friends they can go in your car of course. When you are out of meals you come back.

Cleaners … Every year we ask a small crew to stay behind with some of us and help put the “Echo” back to normal. It’s not that hard because everyone pitches in. But being the most unglamorous job it is very appreciated.

Warmers … We give you a turkey the night before and you bring it “cooked and warm” on the day of. Warmers are really cool.

It is not imperative that you specify your position in advance. Just keep in mind what it is that you want to do when you arrive. It will help us get you right in to the action. Early birds just arrive early.

65 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. I would like to volunteer and bring my family member(s) with me to volunteer also. please email me all details like location and parking etc. I would prefer the 7:30 am but will assist where ever needed

  2. Hello! I am RSVPing for Echo for 2 people. We would be happy to be Warmers and can come pick up or provide an additional turkey if needed, just let us know. Also, we are available for early crew.

    Holly and Jack

    • Hi Holly & Jack,

      Thank you so much for being part of the event. That would be great I will find out and will get the info I will have it posted on the Facebook Fan Page. Also it its not to much trouble for you to deboned the turkeys to help the kitchen crew.

      Scott :-)

  3. HI my name is Whitney, I’m RSVPing for 1 on Thanksgiving, I would LOVE to be appart of the kitchen group but of course would be willing to help anywhere. Thank you!

  4. Hi There,

    I would like to RSVP for the GGG in Echo Park and I will try to be there before 10AM to give you a hand :)

    I hope to see you there! Thank you, Nikki

  5. I will like to RSVP for the event on Thursday ( Echo Park). I will also bring a dish along with additional items. I truly thank you.

    Thank you
    Dawn Johnson

  6. Hello, my family and I would love to help! It will be myself (Maria), my husband Stoney and my two kids who are 3 and 6. I would not be able to come at 10am but we can come around 10:30 or so. We are available to do what ever you need us to but since we have kids I thought maybe it would be good to help box some of the items up? I really would like them to be apart of this. Please let me know.

  7. Hi there,

    My husband and I would like to volunteer at the Echo location, I clicked on the link above which took me to your FB page however we don’t have a facebook acct so I figured I could still RSVP this way? Please let me know…thanks!

  8. I’d like to volunteer on Thursday. Do you still need volunteers? If so, do I just show up or do I need to register? Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the wonderful work the Turkey Crew and everyone involved. We would love to help in any way we can! We will show up at 10 AM at Echo in LA (me + 2) and put us to work! Driving, heating, or on the belt.

    Can’t wait.

  10. I’d like to RSVP to volunteer at the San Francisco venue, but there isn’t a link on this site, and the 111 Minna site doesn’t have a contact. Any suggestions? Just show up? Thanks!

  11. Hi! I want to volunteer for the echo park locationfor me and another friend. Let me know what is needed and im there! I can make it at 10am.

  12. Hi, my family and I would like to help. Would it be possible to help on the conveyer belt for awhile and then help as a driver?!

  13. Hi, my family and I would like to help. Would it be possible to help on the conveyer belt for awhile and then help as a driver?! This would be for the Las Vegas Event.

  14. Me and 1 more can help in anything needed- for the Santa Monica location Yesenia please email me where to meet/specs :)) see you in the am!

  15. Hey there, i would like to volunteer where ever needed with two of my friends! sorry for last minute i barely heard of you guys and i think its an awesome experience to help others!

  16. My name is Christine and i work for City of Los Angeles, and this year my 3 kids and I would like to celebrate Thanksgiving by serving the citizens

  17. Hello,

    I would like to volunteer and bring my two children Destin & Angel, ages 8 and 10 along with me. Is that ok? We would like to be boxers. Also may I have an address?

    Thx in Advance :)


  18. Hello again, I am sorry for the last message it should have read; Myself (2) grandchildren ages 10 & 16 yrs. and my best friend would like to help serve food @ Harlem location (155) if possible. thank you

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  20. We, John, Jason, & Maribel Nerio, are RSVPing for the Echo for 3 people. We are available for the EARLY BIRD CREW, conveyor belt crew, boxers, or cleaners. Also, we are happy to donated mash potatoes (10 lb bag) We look forward to receiving confirmation – thank you.

  21. Hi, I’d like to volunteer with 2 other friends. I’ve RSVPed on the Facebook wall. I’d like to see if we are confirmed as volunteers and how we will be placed in roles. I’d like the time and location please. Please email me so I know.

  22. I would like to volunteer possibly as a driver, I will be going with my daughter, I don’t have facebook so I don’t know How to register. I have placed my email info within your site but am not sure if that is all I have to do or do I just show up the day of?


  23. Hello, My name is Simone and this is my first year in NYC. Since Thanks Giving is not in my cultural roots I have decided to enter in a volunteer program, I would be extremely glad to help you guys with this remarkable program. Please provide me all detail and location. Thank you,

  24. Hi!

    I live in west hollywood so I’m pretty close to the meet up location.

    I also drive a pick up truck, so I can carry a lot of bags.

    I can also have one or two more people drive with me. M
    Very excited to help!

    Thank you!

    Alex Miranda

  25. 3 volunteers total, our group has a mini van, willing to drive. Will arrive at 10:00 am start time. Please email or call for more information. 323-787-1743

  26. Hi. I would like to volunteer for the LA/The Echo location. I am available for the Early Bird position. How do I register? Thank you.

  27. I wanted to join in and volunteer as early as possible for the San Francisco one, however I dont seem to find a link.

    Thank You

  28. Hi! I’m planning to volunteer on thanksgiving day and I will be bringing a couple of friends with me. I have RSVPD on the Facebook group but I do have to email the names of my friends too? Please let me know!

  29. Hello! I’d like to be a part of this year’s volunteer kitchen crew in the Echo Park location. If I can have further information on going about the process thanks!

    • Hi Bridget and apologies for the late response. You can click on the “LA – Echo Park” link here on this site (on the front page) or the “Cities” link followed by “LA – Echo Park” to see the specifics. Basically just show up at 10am, preferably with some potluck-appropriate food and/or warm clothes & care items. :)

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  31. Hi Neelou! Thanks very much for your contribution and you are more than welcome to volunteer! Think of the event like a big potluck party, and bringing some food (or appropriate clothing or care items) are your ‘ticket’. No one gets turned away from volunteering but we can never get enough foodstuffs (especially proteins like warmed turkey). Just show up at 10am to the Echo Park location and be ready to help assemble meals/clothes and you’re also welcome to hop in a car and go deliver meals to the homeless — that’s what it’s really about!

  32. Great Miriam! Show up at 10am ready to rock. If you can bring some potluck-appropriate foodstuffs or some cold-weather-appropriate clothes that would be awesome, but just your smiling faces will be more than enough too. Everyone is welcome. :)

  33. Hi,
    the link for echo park to rsvp keeps sending me to the Facebook page instead? Me and my family are really excited to participate again. :)

  34. Hi Jane! We’ve corrected the facebook link, thanks for the heads up. We do not turn away anyone that wants to help, so showing up as close to 10am as you can is important if you want to be involved with food & clothing prep because a long line can form and the line moves along based on our on-hand supply of goods to package for the homeless. The ultimate activity at any GGG event is taking food & care packages directly to the homeless, and unfortunately there’s no lack of need for that through each day.

  35. Hi Tom! Yes, all GGG events are family-friendly. One thing we always need more of every year are protein (meat, tofurkey, anything) and, as far as care items, sensible cool-weather clothing like socks. You and your family & friends are welcome to come even without anything to donate, but it helps tremendously and keeps things moving. Think of it it like a big potluck party; it’s happy madness.

  36. Hi Victoria! Show up at 10am to the GGG location of your choice. If you and your friend could bring some potluck-appropriate food and/or care items (like warm clothing) for the homeless that would be great too. It’s not mandatory but it helps the event keep moving along. Thanks!

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